Many people in South Africa would like to get a government tender so that they can have a nice contract, earn some good money, and improve their lives.

So there are “agents” in the field who will say they will help you, but they want to trick you to give them money, then you never get that help, and you only lose.

But we are here to help you. How do you know you can trust us? Well we have been in the business for over 25 years now and you can read our clients comments on our Client Feedback page.

There are several things we can help you with, when it comes to tenders:

  • Registering your Company or Sole Proprietorship
  • Obtaining a BEE Affidavit
  • Obtaining a Tax Clearance
  • Registering on the Central Supplier Database for Government
  • Tender Preparation Assistance

Let us help you Register and Prepare for an amazing tender!